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Self-Description is Self-Delusion
December 20th, 2021

I have started to notice something about people: when they describe themselves to you they are usually the opposite of what they say.

”I am relaxed” > Angry
”I am a hustler” > Lazy
”I am straight” > Curious
”I am a fighter” > Failure
”I am a feminist” > Abuser
”I am empathetic” > Pathetic
”I am there for people” > Ghost
”I am an entrepreneur“ > Bankrupt
”I am a pillar of the community” > Crumbling

These are terms that other people should use to describe you. You should not use them to describe yourself. If someone else says:

”She is an absolute savage who has incredible empathy”

That is amazing!

If you say that about yourself, I am taking note.

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