Orders, Commands & Ultimatums 🥋
December 21st, 2021

When someone issues instructions without an explanation, my mind goes ablaze.

Where I go to say no (Pride Day, 2014)
Where I go to say no (Pride Day, 2014)

Here are some examples:

“Design this ad for me” vs. ”Could we work on this together?”

“Put your arms up for scanner” vs. ”Please raise your arms”

”If you do that, I’m out” vs. ”This is really important to me”

”Be here on time” vs. ”I will be here at this time—can you?”

”I was under the impression” vs. ”Here is my understanding”

”Do that for me?” vs. ”It would mean a lot to me if”

When someone speaks to me this way, I absolutely cannot stand it. I have walked out of airports, left jobs, turned down lucrative acquisitions, and ended relationships instantly because of this.

I refuse to be told. Please can you ask me?

I will not comply. I want to know: why?

I do not need you. Do you need me?

I am independent. Are you?

I have set my entire life up in a way so at any moment I can say: “No.”

I am financially free for the rest of my future. Due to my wonderful parents, my past is free from pain. My present self is my gift to myself. My presence is mine.

I am a time billonaire. You cannot rob me.

They asked me questions instead of giving me instructions
They asked me questions instead of giving me instructions

I wake up when I want. I work how I want. I do what I want. No one tells me what to do.


That is who I am. If anyone ever tries to change that: they are gone.


If you want to warm your hands on my flame, feel free.

Never stick your hands in it.


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