I love creating exciting experiences for people in the Bay Area. I am starting to do token-gated physical & digital events for people who live here.

Token-gating restricts access to people who have $BAE in their wallet.

It is the first token I have created which I will imbue with value.

The crowd’s funds will be directed towards the artists who create the parties you attend.

Over time, we hope that the $BAE community will start hosting their own token-gated events. This will increase the value of your $BAE.

BAE Party gets you into all of our parties.

BAE Studio gets you into our studio.

BAE VIP gets you 1 thing money cannot buy.

We are going on an adventure exploring the intersection of culture and Ethereum. We want to take these digital tokens and use them to give you physical supowers.

If you live in the Bay Area, you should buy 1 $BAE.

The first party from Bay Area Excitement will be on Friday 21 January, 2022.

Join us! It is going to be monumentally magical.

3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.