Balance App Icon Sale
January 24th, 2022

We are working incredibly hard to bring you a wonderful Ethereum wallet for iPhone. Personally, I have been deeply involved in the Apple Developer Community for around 10 years and the Ethereum Community for 5 years. I really care about the overlap between the Apple and Ethereum ecosystem. There is a magical product lurking in the future:

iOS (iPhone Operating System) : EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

Swift programming language : Solidity programming language

Apple cares about privacy : Ethereum cares about access

I think there has been a seismic shift in both ecosystems. There are no mobile wallets in the world that are taking advantage of this shift.

Ethereum’s community has shipped several viable Layer 2 protocols that are fast, affordable and more accessible. Apple has shipped Extensions for Safari iOS which totally changes the mobile web.

We think Ethereum dapp developers should start targeting Apple’s Safari browser.

Safari is the dominant mobile web browser in dozens of countries. Today, Ethereum barely works on your iPhone. We want to build a tool for developers so they can fix that. We feel wallets should be great for customers and developers.

Our first app icon: Beskar

I love the Mandalorian series from Disney. To me, it captures the relationship I feel I have had with many incredible founders. A lonely explorer of the universe finds a magical being who melts his heart. This has happened to me a few times. I see so many similarities between the Mandalorian Way & Etherean Culture:

The strongest metal in the Mandalorian universe is Beskar. It is so rare that everyone in The Galaxy covets it. My good friend Christopher Downer—who designed Sketch for macOS—has been kind enough to create Beskar-inspired metallic app icon.

There will only ever be 33,333 editions and the price is 0.03 ETH. You can buy it here:

This is our first experiment at finding ways to mix Apple and Ethereum. We are going to give people the ability to choose a different App Icon based on the NFTs in your wallet.

We are going to use this sale to generate revenue, learn how to use Mirror, and experiment with our own NFT-based ideas.

Thank you for your support!

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